We listen and believe.

At Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre we offer free specialist support to women and girls across Cambridgeshire who have been subjected to rape and sexual violence, no matter when that abuse happened.

Every year, our confidential, non-judgemental and user-led services empower nearly two thousand women and girls to not only cope and recover from the impacts of sexual violence but to go on to flourish and thrive.

You are not alone, we are here for you.

Our support services

If you have been subjected to any form of sexual violence, no matter when the abuse occurred, we are here for you with emotional, therapeutic and advocacy support.

Confidential and anonymous emotional support by telephone

Confidential and anonymous emotional support by email

Confidential and anonymous emotional support by online chat

Practical information and support through the criminal justice system

Free and confidential therapeutic support for survivors

Spaces for women and girls to share their experiences

Get involved

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the support and dedication of the amazing people who donate their time, energy and money to support the women and girls who need our services.

Support our work with local women and girls by making a donation

Raise vital funds to support female survivors of sexual violence

We’re always looking for fabulous volunteers to join us

“Counselling with CRCC was exceptionally helpful and beneficial to my healing and progress, and an organisations I will be eternally grateful for.”

“Thank you for your amazing help, there aren’t enough words to say how amazing the ISVA service is!”
“I felt understood and most importantly I didn’t feel alone anymore.”
“CRCC is a place that I feel safe, listen to and treated as an individual. I value all the support and knowledgeable advice that I have received.”
“CRCC have taught me how to trust when I didn’t know how. Have shown me self-belief when all I could see was self-hatred. Have helped me feel anger when all I could feel was emptiness. Have given me hope is a sea of despair. […] That has changed my world.”
“You don’t know what you need to know until you experience abuse. CRCC has made it an easier road to navigate and I feel totally supported at a time we though we would not survive!”
“Everyone was friendly, welcoming and understanding and it was something stable when everything else was chaotic.”
“I always felt believed by members of the service and I can’t put into words what that meant to me in such a dark period.”
“CRCC have been a phenomenal help to me this past year and I’m not sure what I would’ve done without them. Thank you.”
“There have been no intrusive questions. I don’t have to mention details which make me feel uncomfortable. Everyone is understanding and really friendly. I value that the support is free and in such a nice environment. Everyone believes you.”

“After years of reaching out and not feeling heard, CRCC gave me a space where I was unequivocally believed. I really feel like I’ve been given back my life. I’m finally able to understand what happened to me and move forward. The counselling provided was truly life-changing and I’m so grateful, as I would never have otherwise been able to access it.

I’d just like to thank everyone involved in the charity and anyone who has ever donated for giving me the opportunity to turn my life around.”

Fundraising events

Take part in one of our fundraising events to raise vital funds for local survivors of sexual violence.

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