Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre offers support to women and girls who have experienced rape, childhood sexual abuse or any other form of sexual violence.

We listen and believe. We are run by women, for women. We are confidential and non-judgemental. You are not alone.

We use the word ‘survivor’ to describe the women and girls who have survived their experiences. It may not feel like a word that describes you right now, but you have survived and are still surviving.

Our helpline is open four times a week, on Wednesday 7pm-9.30pm, Thursday 7pm-9.30pm, Saturday 3pm-5.30pm and Sunday 10am-12.30pm.

Our email support service is available at support@cambridgerapecrisis.org.uk and we respond to all emails within 2-7 days.

We offer counselling in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Ely.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor service supports anyone, any age, gender or background, who has experienced sexual violence and wants help to navigate the Criminal Justice System.

We can also support family, friends and professionals who are supporting a survivor.


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