What if I’m not confident writing in English and/or English isn’t my first language?

We understand that it can be difficult to email us if you’re not confident writing in English, and we will read your emails carefully and support you as best we can.  

If you need to speak to us in a language other than English, please email contact@cambridgerapecrisis.org.uk and tell us the language that you would like us to support you in and we will try to arrange this if we can, or suggest another organisation that may be able to help. 

Do I need to give my name?

We will not ask for your name, address or any other personal information, so unless you choose to give us this information you will remain anonymous (except for your email address).

Will I receive emails from the same person?

If you email us more than once over time, your emails will be answered by different volunteers.

Our volunteers are all trained in providing support to survivors of sexual violence, and if you have been emailing regularly they will be aware that you have contacted us previously.

Volunteers discuss the emails we receive to encourage each other to deliver a good and consistent support service. It also makes it less likely that you will have to repeat yourself when responding to our emails from different volunteers.

Howe often can I email?

You can email us more than once, and if you find it helpful you can email us regularly. Some emailers get in touch only once, some email regularly, others use our service as and when they need to over a period of years. This depends entirely on what you find most helpful.

If you email us more than once within a period of a few days, we will read your separate emails and respond with one reply which addresses them all.

What happens when I email?

When you email us, you will receive an automatic response letting you know that we have received your email and that we aim to respond within seven days.

If you don’t receive a reply within seven days, it may be worth checking your junk mail folder just in case. Please note that we are unable to open any attachments (documents, photos etc.).

What if I’m not sure what’s happened to me?

We treat all forms of sexual abuse seriously and are here for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure how to name it, if you don’t fully remember, or if aren’t sure how you feel about it, we will listen and talk this through with you.

I would like to give feedback/make a complaint

You are welcome to send us an email, letter or call us at the office (full contact details are available in our contact us section), and our feedback form is also available for download if you want to give more detailed feedback on your experiences. If you wish to make a formal complaint about the email service, our complaints policy and procedure is available to download here.

Any feedback we get is treated anonymously, whether it is good or bad, and helps us to improve our service. We do sometimes use anonymous comments in reports to our funders so if you don’t want your comments to be used, please tell us.

I’m LGBT+ – can I email you?

Our email support service is available for all women and girls, including those who are trans, non-binary, who have complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women.