Can you provide counselling in other languages?

If you would be happy to have your sessions remotely, we can ask other centres within the Rape Crisis England and Wales network if they have a counsellor who speaks your preferred or first language, and we would then try to arrange sessions for you with them. Generally, we couldn’t provide this service for face-to-face sessions as the counsellor would be based in a different area.

Counselling in another language isn’t always possible but we will keep you updated. If we cannot provide counselling in your language, we will try to find alternative organisations to support you.

Who has access to my records?

All staff and volunteers at Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre are DBS checked and have signed a confidentiality agreement. Our records are stored in locked cabinets with restricted access. If the police request a copy of our counselling records, we would ask for your permission before releasing them.

I work full-time, do you have evening or weekend appointments?

We only have limited availability for evening and weekend appointments, so the waiting list for these can be up to a year.

We are happy to write a letter of support for your employer to request they allow you take time out from work to attend counselling appointments if you feel this would be helpful. We understand that some people are not comfortable with speaking to their managers about what has happened to them.

I’m LGBT / a man – can I refer myself?

Our counselling service supports anyone who lives in Cambridgeshire and has experienced sexual violence, irrespective of age, gender, background, or how long ago the offence happened.

I have a child to look after, can I still see someone?

We try to be flexible when arranging your appointments, so if your child is at school we will ensure that your appointment has finished by the time the school day is over. If you need to use childcare to be able to attend appointments and you are struggling financially, we are able to make a reasonable contribution towards the costs of someone looking after your child.

What happens when I am at the top of the waiting list?

First of all we will arrange for you to meet with your counsellor to talk about what you want from the service and what we can offer you. We will try our best to be flexible and to arrange your appointments for times that suit you. You can see your counsellor every week usually at the same time on the same day. Your counselling appointments will last for 50 minutes each time.