About us

A small group of local women set up Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre in 1982, in response to growing awareness of the prevalence of sexual violence against women and girls. For many years CRCC was entirely run by unpaid volunteers.

CRCC is a specialist sexual violence organisation providing dedicated support service to survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence in Cambridgeshire. CRCC adheres to and has successfully achieved the Rape Crisis England and Wales National Service Standards and is a professionally approved Rape Crisis Centre.

We fundamentally believe women and girls. Our services are underpinned with our principles of being confidential, non-directional (letting you make your own choices) and non-judgemental. We believe that survivors are experts in their own healing, which is why the feedback we receive on our services is vitally important to us. To download our feedback form, please click here.

We are an autonomous member of both Rape Crisis England and Wales and The Survivors’ Trust.

We also provide training for various organisations and individuals, on a wide range of issues surrounding sexual violence. To find out more about upcoming training days and bespoke training, contact us.

Our goals:

  • Provide specialist support to women and girls who have experienced or are experiencing rape, childhood sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence.
  • Securing high quality sexual violence services for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence.
  • Raising awareness of sexual violence, its prevalence and effects.
  • Build our collective expertise to improve services and policies for the benefit of survivors.
  • Press for change and promote the importance and need for appropriate, high-quality and specialised support for survivors.
  • End rape and sexual violence.