What kind of support can I get from my ISVA?

It varies according to your needs. ISVAs can help with:

  • providing impartial information and advice to those considering reporting sexual offences
  • understanding the criminal justice process and supporting people from report to court as well as in the months following a trial
  • liaising with the police, if you have reported the crime
  • providing emotional support
  • supporting your welfare and safety through a process of risk assessment and safety planning
  • advocating on your behalf to enable you to exert some influence on processes that concern you
  • providing practical help with issues such as housing and benefits
  • putting you in touch with other services that may benefit you, such as specialist counselling or domestic violence support
  • referring to agencies who can help you with specialist needs, such as counselling, sexual health, mental health, substance misuse and housing
  • assisting you to apply for criminal injuries compensation