Should I be feeling like this?

Whatever you are feeling is ok. There is no right or wrong way to respond. Be kind to yourself.

Common feelings:

  • You may be feeling guilt for not realising sooner, for bringing the abuser into your child’s life or simply for trusting the abuser. You have nothing to feel guilty for, abusers will deliberately work gain the trust of everyone around that child, and to cover up what is happening however they can.
  • You may be feeling angry with the abuser, with yourself, or even with your child for not telling you sooner. These are all very normal things to feel, but it’s important to remember the only person who has done something wrong is the abuser. It can be helpful to talk through these feelings with someone trusted and/or an organisation such as ourselves.
  • You may be feeling a loss. Very often it is someone trusted and even loved who perpetrates these crimes, the loss of that person from your life can be a very difficult and complex thing to deal with. It can bring up a lot of mixed feelings and again it can be helpful to acknowledge these feelings and talk them through.