How often can I talk to you on Live Chat?

You can talk to us whenever we are open, and each chat can be up to 45 minutes long. If you contact us towards the end of our opening times your chat may be shorter. We ask that you only chat to us once each day.

Is Live Chat anonymous?

We have taken extensive measures to protect your privacy. Our Live Chat Helpline is an anonymous service.

You don’t have to give us your name or any identifying details about yourself. Because we don’t see any information about you, we have no way of recognising repeat visitors. This means that we will treat each conversation as individual, and if you use live chat more than once, we won’t pick up conversations where we left off.

We do not have access to the IP address of the device you are using, and therefore your location is unknown to us.

You can also find our privacy statement here.

What if I’m not sure what happened to me?

We treat all forms of sexual abuse seriously and are here for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure how to name it, if you don’t fully remember or if aren’t sure how you feel about it, we will listen and talk this through with you.

I’m LGBT+, can I chat with you?

Our Live Chat service is available for all women and girls, including those who are trans. It is also available to non-binary individuals who have complex gender identities which include ‘woman’ and those who experience oppression as women.

I’m a man, can I chat with you?

Our Live Chat service is for women and girls.

While we recognise the experiences and pain of men who have suffered any kind of sexual violence, here at Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre we have found that a women-only service provision is an invaluable environment for many female users.

We recognise the need for specialist services for men and more information about these services can be found here.