How much does it cost to call?

Calls are charged at a local rate.

If you would like us to call you back, please ask and we will happily do so. We will withhold our number when we call you back so that no-one else will be able to see who has called you (however if you have an itemised phone bill our number will appear on it).

I’m LGBT+ – can I call you?

Our helpline is available for all women and girls, including those who are trans, non-binary, who have complex gender identities which include ‘woman’ and those who experience oppression as women.

I’m a man – can I call you?

Our helpline is for women and girls. While we recognise the experiences and pain of men who have suffered any kind of sexual violence, here at Cambridge Rape Crisis we have found that a women-only service provision is an invaluable environment for many female callers. We recognise the need for specialist services for men and more information about these services can be found here.

How long can I call for?

In order to make sure that we can reach as many women and girls as possible, we set time limits on your calls to us.

When you speak to us for the first time, the call can last up to 45 minutes. Even if you call near the end of the session, we will still talk to you for up to half an hour. After that you can phone us up to two times a week for a call lasting up to 30 minutes each time.

Some callers speak to us only once, some phone regularly, others use our service as and when they need to over a period of years.

Some calls last only a few minutes. This depends entirely on what you find most helpful.

Do I need to give my name?

You don’t have to give us your name or any identifying details about yourself, although if you find you’re ringing regularly you might want to give us a name or pseudonym (made-up name) to help us recognise you.

Will you tell anyone what I say?

You can talk to us about anything in complete confidence. We will never repeat anything you say outside of Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

We do discuss our helpline calls with other volunteers within the service (see ‘Can I always speak to the same volunteer?’). However, we ensure this information never reaches anyone outside of Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

We do not report anything that is said to us to the police or any other outside body. Our confidentiality policy is available for download if you want further information.

If you are under 18, we will not pass along anything you say unless you are in danger and tell us your full name and address. In this care, we would share your details with the Child Protection Services.

We respect your right to make decisions about your own life.

You can also find our privacy statement here.