Information for professionals

The most important and simple thing you can do to help a survivor of sexual violence is to listen and believe.

Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre supports survivors using the empowerment model. This is a holistic approach, with the goal of giving survivors the choices of which services they use, who they speak to and how they live their lives. We trust survivors to make the right decisions for themselves.

We offer the following support options for professional referrals:

  • Our ISVA service is available for anyone, any age or gender, throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. To refer into this service, please go to the Cambridge & Peterborough Rape Crisis Partnership website and complete the online form.
  • Our counselling service is available for survivors of rape, child sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence of any age (children aged five years and over) from across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough who have visited a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (The Elms SARC) at some point. If the person you are supporting hasn’t visited a SARC at any point, please contact our Counselling Team to find out if we are able to offer counselling at this time, as our funding is very sporadic. Please note that CRCC will carefully assess each referral request to ensure that our counselling service is appropriate for someone at this time and to ensure that they are able to access the service most appropriate to their needs. To refer to this service please email
  • Peer Support Groups – email for more information and availability.

Please ensure that the survivor is aware of the referral and has consented to it before completing the form.

You can also download our guide to supporting someone you care about here.